Macarons Collection

La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Vanille de Madagascar

Vanille de Madagascar

Intense. Earthy. Spicy. Sweet. Creamy. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are strongly aromatic and for a reason, Madagascar is the world's leading supplier of the highest quality vanilla. This ganache is made with premium Callebaut Zephyr white chocolate and organic natural Bourbon vanilla beans.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Follement Framboise

Follement Framboise

Rich. Fruity. The ganache is made with premium 64% single origin Guayaquil chocolate and natural raspberry purée.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Pistache de Sicile

Pistache de Sicile

Fresh. Sweet. Sicily's Emerald green gem, the pistachio complements to perfection the creamy Callebaut Zephyr white chocolate.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Caramel Salé

Caramel Salé

Layers of Flavours. Sweet. Salty. Our caramel is made in small batches and sprinkled with flower sea salt.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Simplement Chocolat

Simplement Chocolat

Sometimes simple things are the most rewarding. A real chocolate taste with the macaron cookie, made with real cacao, and a ganache made with Ecuador single origin cocoa beans.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Nutella


Only Nutella. Soft. Creamy. It is a rich buttery flavour of roasted hazelnuts and cacao that will flood your mouth.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Exotic. Sweet. Slight tart flavour. The passion fruit is native to Brazil (Maracujá) and complements to perfection our chocolate. 
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Piazza di Sant'Eustachio

Piazza Di Sant'Eustachio

Rome's piazza Sant'Eustachio is where the Il Caffè, open since 1938, is located.  It's know for its excellent coffee. Our blend of coffee and milk chocolate ganache come to life in this macaron. 
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Litchi de Chine

Litchi de Chine

Oriental. Aromatic. Sweet. The lychee fruit originates from China and tastes a little bit like a grape with a hint of rose. The Callebaut Zephyr white chocolate ganache is creamy and brings a hint of vanilla to complement this macaron.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Extra Noir

Extra Noir

Dark. Intense Chocolate. Jet Black cacao and unique Ecuador chocolate come to life in this macaron.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Latté Épicé à la Citrouille

Latté Épicé à la Citrouille

Seasonal macaron. The earthy sweet flavour of the pumpkin is balanced with the warmth of ginger, spices, cinnamon and clover in this creamy milk chocolate ganache. Just like a spiced pumpkin latté!
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Pétales de roses

Pétales de roses

Romantic. Delicate. Perfumed. Roses are part of all the celebrations. The subtle rose petals aroma is balanced with the warmth of the Callebaut Zephyr white chocolate.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Melon d'eau

Melon d'eau

Seasonal macaron. Watermelon Sugar High you will be! Fresh as the real fruit.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Bleuets-Cassis


Seasonal macaron. Two small purple fruits: the blueberry and the black currant. Sweetness of the blueberry and tanginess of the black currant.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Praliné


Roasted hazelnuts and roasted Almonds in a creamy chocolaty ganache.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Pêches de Géorgie

Pêches de Géorgie

Seasonal macaron. The State of Georgia (USA) is known for its delicious peaches. This macaron is sweet and flavorful.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Fleur d'oranger du Liban

Fleur d'oranger du Liban

Like a spring time walk in a blooming orange grove. The bitter orange groves taste known to Lebanon give this macaron its sweet orange flavour and scent.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Arachide Lactée

Arachide Lactée

Real peanut butter core and a creamy milk chocolate hide inside the two macaron cookies.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Limone di Sorrento

Limone di Sorrento

Iconic. Italy's Amalfi coast is world known for it's tasty citrus. This taste is carried in this creamy Callebaut Zephyr white chocolate ganache.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Érable du Québec et Noix de Grenoble

Érable du Québec

Seasonal macaron. Maple syrup. Roasted walnuts. A creamy ganache with a real maple taste.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Loco Coco

Loco Coco

Tropical. Warm. Crazy. It's a fresh coconut in a macaron.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - La Duchesse

La Duchesse

Macaron Royalty. Two turquoise shells with a frangipane center. Frangipane is a sweet almond-flavored custard.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Champagne


Bubbly. Festive. It's the French joie de vivre in a macaron.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Bubblegum


Fun. Colorful. Very Pink. A festive party in your mouth that kids of all ages love.
La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Marrons Glacés & Orange

Marrons glacés & Orange

Seasonal macaron. Layers of Flavours await. Roasted chestnut purée. Caramelized bits of chestnut. A hint of orange zest. This macaron will brighten your Holidays!

La Biscuitery - Les Macarons - Candy cane

Candy Cane

Seasonal macaron. Nothing says more Christmas time than red and white candy canes. With a true candy cane taste, this macaron will bring the kid in everyone this Holiday season!



Two colourful shells. Our edible cookie dough and many mini chocolate chips. For the pleasure of all!